In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Impeachment Increasingly Imperative

Have you noticed that starting early in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the motive of the U.S. was retribution, which moved on to self-defense, thence to killing or capturing the “enemy”, whoever they might be, and finally to winning. In short, it is now motivated by the same emotions that characterize American sports, WINNING.

There has been little mention of bringing PEACE among peoples, which can only begin if all sides come to the table, and only succeed if all sides achieve a sense of deserved recognition.

Bush, our leader who claims (no, brags) to be motivated by the teachings of Christ, cannot conceive of shared success in any endeavor. His promised veto of the bill for funding of our armed forces is an excellent example of his inability even to recognize the growing wish of most Americans to get them out of harms way. For him to accept this bill with the amendment calling for a time for withdrawal would be for him the ultimate humiliation.

As was pointed out by someone on CNN just now, Nancy Pelosi is in a very awkward position, because if Bush and Cheney were both impeached (AND IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THEY GO TOGETHER) she would become president. Nevertheless, the people of this country must continue to press for impeachment of these two dangerous men.



an average patriot said...

little bill
They should be impeached and now but I am afraid they will avoid it and live to do further damage.
Bush is not a Christian. He uses and abuses Christianity as he accuses the Islamists of doing to Islam, for his personal gain.
You know, we have perverted unbridled religiosity on both sides of this so called war on terror. I just hate that 2 faced warmonger Bush and the idiot leading him by the nose, Cheney!