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Values Time Again

Going back in time to the point when GWBush was first running for president, his famous statement, “I’m a uniter, not a divider,” now appears more and more likely not words of earnest assurance on his part, but a stroke of genious on the part of the speech writer who thought them up.

In a similar vein, the excessive use of religious reference by the president has also been part of the ploy to win the support of the religious community, especially those who are easily led to accept the words of the Bible as the Word of God. Singing songs in church while waving one’s upraised arms from side to side have much the same psychological effect as the hysteria created by the cheerleaders at a sports event on the thousands of spectators in the audience, spreading even from there by radio and television to fans in their homes.

The growing mountain of deception on the part of the administration, spreading as it is from member to member and department to department, is hard to understand in terms of unifying moral and ethical values among the American populace.

How easy it was to impeach Bill Clinton for the high crime of lying about sex, but how hard it seems to be to find people who support and/or believe in George Bush who would even consider impeaching him! Even many Democrats are afraid to stand tall with the likes of John Murtha and Dennis Kucinich, who apparently almost alone courageously have their fingers pressed into the dike against which the flood of governmental usurpation is pressing.

Meanwhile, in England, Prince Harry has made his final decision to go with his fellow men to join the hopeless battle in the Middle East. God bless Prince Harry!


an average patriot said...

Little bill
I almost forgot, my hat is off to Harry as he does want to do his share. Rumor has it he will be put on a desk. I don't know, I think wherever he goes he will be a target and so won't those around him.
I admire his dedication to his troops but I think in this instance it might be best if he did not go and get killed or maybe worse, captured.

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill!
I guess my first comment didn't go. I just wanted to say that Bush has had to lie about everything because as you witness he wants something totally different than us.
I have to laugh, he reminds me 100% of something my x used to say about her Father. If he says one thing then you know the exact opposite is true.

Vigilante said...


Harry goes and serves, but not the First Twins: Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush.

LittleBill said...

I don't think denigrating Prince Harry's courage by saying that his being there will endanger the men with him is a good argument. They will be in danger whether he is with them or not, and his leadership should be an inspiration to them.

In this country, of course, we see things differently. Our "leaders" would never enlist, and it takes an army to protect them if any of them make speedy, secret visits to the troops in undisclosed places.

I repeat, Right on, Harry!!!!

Vigilante said...

Quote of the month: from - Barry Horne of Dunstable, Beds, in a letter to the Daily Mail.

"If Iraq is too dangerous for Harry, then it's also too dangerous for Tom and Dick"