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The Bill Moyers Journal

Trying to catch everyone up on Moyers' recent and upcoming activities. on PBS. He had a special last night (Wednesday) entitled Buying the War. Truly alarming and disgusting! If you missed it, be SURE to get it on film on the internet.

In addition, his regular series, The Bill Moyers Journal, will be back beginning on Friday, on PBS. It will be from 8 to 9 on the west coast, and probably close to the same time in the evenings elsewhere.


Blogging4Food said...

Watching this last night. Moyers has performed a fantastic public service.

Yellow Dog said...

Ditto, Food Blogger

pekka said...

There should be good lessons to be learned by everyone with the Moyers' doc. How awful it is, that the all branches of the government failed miserably with this Iraqi Freedom boondoggle and left it to MSM to be the last defender of the people's right to know. Yeah, and some grand job they did with it! Question arises, what stops this happening again, and again, and again....?