In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
The Winning Is Everything Philosophy

Just a short time ago today, I heard the last part of a speech by Sen. McCain, in which he echoed The Great Divider, maintaining that losing the warS in Iraq and Afghanistan is the worst thing that could possibly happen to this country. Their approach, I gather, is that we should always win whether we are right or wrong, which we were, at least in the case of Iraq.

Bush (jeez, I hate to say his name!) has called for a meeting with the Congressional leaders to meet with him to discuss the funding for our military exploits, at the same time stating firmly that there will be no compromise on a date for withdrawal.

Okay, so I recommend that Reid and Pelosi state just as firmly that if we are to pursue the wars there must be an immediate installation of a draft.


pekka said...

No question about it, LittleBill, the draft would propably cool off some of the red hot fervor that our dear friends on the right are experiencing. Nothing puts damper on hypothetical, hypocritical and totally dishonest sabre rattling and flag waving like the realization that one has to start doing the heavy lifting by himsef. I don't know what the socio economic back ground is with your men in uniforms, but I doesn't seem to be a stretch to suggest, that they will not represent those of whom have enjoyed the biggest economical windfall during the past few years. I heard, that there are hundreds of foreigners recruited with the promise of the speedier track to the citizenship. Sure, the rent an Army sounds like any other brilliant idea we have customed to see coming from the White House! God, this is so damn hopeless!

Vigilante said...

Yes, a draft would resolve the matter, one way or another, Guys. But Bush would veto such a bill. He's not interested in resolving nothing. He just wants to play it out another 18 months and let the inevitable Democratic president clean up his mess. Call it the SLOW BLEED strategy. Because that's what it is.

skip sievert said...

There is no difference between Demos and Repubs. Both are controlled by Special Interest. Special Interests always deprive others of their rights or benefits.
Why not make the candidates wear the special interest sponser money on their body`s, like the Nascar drivers do ?
This system is not reformable, and will destroy our world, if left to go on.
McCain is a monster. So is Hillary and Obama. Our Political system is run by an antique and dangerous construct of Money monsters.
Hello Suckers.

Beach Bum said...

I agree with Vigil, the Mad Master Ferret is just playing for time. With Jabba the Rove cooking up plans and themes to blame the Democrats for the resulting defeat in Iraq so they can swing back into power in 2010 and 2012.

pekka said...

I know, that our friend Skip is sometimes too much for you, but it is quite obvious, that you seem to get the best polticians that money can buy to represent you. No doubt, that as long as they need gazillion bucks to run their campains, they will be indebted to their financiers, mainly the big corporations. Surely, this isn't, and hasn't been, an healthy state of the affairs.