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Promised Release of British Prisoners

As I write this, the release has not actually physically happened yet, But Iran has promised that they will be released very soon.

Tony Blair announced that after negotiations, the British have expressed regret for the incident without admitting doing anything wrong.

The “discussers” on CNN were definitely of the opinion that after the hostages have been released and are safely home, Britain and the U.S. would feel free to return to the same approach they have used before. In spite of what one of the “discussers” said, I am sure that I heard or read an offer by Ahmajinedad at least once and quite some time ago to engage in diplomacy. As usual, the answer he got from Bush was that he didn’t talk to terrorists. If Iran couldn’t get our attention through diplomacy, what other choice could you have made in Ahmajinedad’s place?

The U.S. is holding 5 Iranians in Iraq. This would be an excellent opportunity for Bush to reciprocate with a compassionate release of those prisoners back to Iraq and accept the gesture toward diplomacy. Bush isn’t right about everything. Hell, as far as I can see, he hasn’t been right about anything!


Vigilante said...

You bet! You nailed it!

Messenger said...

I've been sitting here for some time trying to think of something George has done right. Trashing Trent Lott is the only thing I can think of. . .