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Bush Blames the Troops

This is a really great article by Robert Scheer.

It was he, of course, who as the Commander in Chief planned the invasion of and made the final decisions on the conduct of the Iraq War following the attack upon the Twin Towers in New York. He and his chief advisor Dick Cheney started a war which they proclaimed would be over in a matter of days, then weeks, followed by months and then years, with the prospect of decades to shield them from blame upon leaving office in 2009.

Bush’s promised veto of the proposed support for our troops by Congress today, with the proviso that there will be a time for withdrawal included, will, of course, put off the funds getting to the troops still farther into the future. I have emailed both Congressional leaders suggesting that if he will not agree to a plan for withdrawal they include in their proposal a demand that he institute a draft of those who have been comfortable with those who are presently fighting and dying for us without joining them.



Vigilante said...

I agree with Dennis Kucinich: Congress ought to issue another kind of draft to George and Dick if they don't withdraw from Iraq before their term is up.