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Global Warming News More Ominous Daily

Global Warming News More Ominous Daily

From what I gleaned from the news today, as well as recently, GW Bush plans to start thinking about what we should do about global warming somewhere near the end of his THIRD term as president. That is, of course, if the growing clamors by some Republicans for Dick Cheney to run are not able to persuade HIM to run instead. If Cheney should run, of course, that means talk of global cooling will have to wait for at least two more terms.

The reaction of the average person will be not to pay too much attention to the news. The non-average person will undoubtedly be worried, but the non-average person also will believe that there is not much we can do as individuals to affect the effect. Both will be wrong.

Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1960’s and 1970’s, we were there for the flowering of the environmental movement. The cardinal rule that we all learned is that each of us has personal responsibility for what happens to the Earth. We may or may not live to see the future, one way or the other, but what we do as individuals will make our marks, great or small, for good or ill.

I have written before about the enormous change that each and every one of us can make by carrying cloth bags to ANY store, or using paper bags over and over and over, or declining to take a bag if your purchase is small. The saving here could be HUGE, both environmentally and economically, for the seller as well as for the buyer. I venture to say that the savings from the above could come very close to competing with the savings on gasoline if we drove less and with more planning.

There is more I have to say on this subject, which I will say in my next post.