In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Senate Deal on Immigration Reform

The compromise worked out on how illegal immigrants can eventually earn a right to citizenship in America is still so punishing that it would seem to me as unachievable in a normal lifetime.

Return to Mexico or elsewhere where pay is so low and unemployment so high would involve separation from loved ones for long periods of time. Attempting to hide in this country and hope you wouldn’t be found, drug running across the border, and suicide all seem tempting possibilities.

What really grabbed my attention, though, was the future envisioned by our leaders, in which immigrants who are educated and skilled will be sought and and encouraged to come to this great country. It’s so American! Wouldn’t it occur to anyone that solutions lie in helping those in need rather than US? (The initials, U.S., are so apt.) How would it be if we encouraged Mexicans and citizens of similar countries with education and skills to stay in their home countries and encouraged Americans with education and skills to join them in a renewal of the Marhsall Plan? Don’t our churches teach anything like this, or do they just concentrate on religion?



an average patriot said...

Hi Little bill
With having to out yourself, pay $5000, and having to leave and hope they don't take your money for a while and not let you back in. How can detractors say that is Amnesty.
It is Amnesty for no one except maybe those that have employed illegals. they are after those that have talents we need and it seems designed to keep out families and those they say they want to help. Two faced as usual.
Seems to me that the only ones halped here is the Politicians and Businesses as usual. I just have to say, that fence is the stupdest thing I ever heard.

LittleBill said...

Not only that, AAP, but I bet they'll never finish the fence.

And worse than an unfinished fence is any plan which is designed to keep the undesirables away from the desirables, especially when the undesirables are acceptable to the desirables if they can be used.