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Listening to the remaining moments of a Senate hearing on transportation taxes today reminds me of one of Sen. McCain’s favorite goodies offered to the American public. He suggests that any gas taxes be dropped for the summer so that American families can take their summer vacations.

Doesn’t he realize that those taxes will pay for road, bridge, and other upkeep, as well as encouraging the American public to gradually realize that we have a higher living standard than we should feel entitled to or the earth can maintain? The whole idea was also to use less of a rapidly disappearing natural resource. No concept on McCain’s part except to gather support from those who can’t think beyond themselves. The one exception I might make is that truckers, who are a vital resource at this particular time in our development, have a very hard row to hoe.

Republicans, in particular, use hatred of taxes or support of those on the bottom of our human heap as one of their major sources of support. It is popular to feel taxes are an imposition upon our “hard-earned” income and to resent paying them, as well as the people or needs that may benefit from them. But there is no Tooth Fairy, with exception of the awareness of the connection of all creatures, one to another, regardless of which is in need. Reminds me of moving through traffic and the awareness of those on a main street with heavy traffic who pause long enough to let someone in from a side street, as well as those who are grateful enough to wave in thanks. Makes you hope you will meet again.


an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill
I don't have any sons here right now so I have some free time. I haven't been getting around much. Hope all is well with you!
You know. that liar McCain will say whatever will favor him like Bush then say he was misunderstood and change his mind if it turns on him. He is never on the right side but good at lying about it, deflecting, and hemming and hawing!
Heck taxes should be used for infrastructure but why start now! when it has totally failed they will bother another trillion putting the debt on our Grandchildren! Take care!