In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Thank God I'm an Atheist

The displays at the gay weddings have been appalling. No, not the gays. I’m talking about the “Christians.” (They’re the ones that have to refer to the Bible to find out what they believe, because they usually can’t remember without looking it up.)

What each of us believes does not affect what the other believes or does unless what we do is directed at the other person. And that is exactly what the “Christians” were doing, displaying hateful, judgmental signs at the newly married couples. They are undoubtedly the same people who tear the wings off of butterflies just for fun. The last I knew, there was strong scientific evidence that homosexuals were born with a gene that makes them that way. Regardless, there is, no gene that accounts for cruelty. You have to think that up by yourself, encouraged by others of your ilk.

Another anomoly is that many gays have been willing to offer their lives in service of this country, some of them to be expelled because they were gay. On the other hand, many “Christians” are in vociferous support of the current insane war, from the sidelines, making sure that the rest of us know about their support by wearing flag pins or T-shirts, and sporting flags or patriotic stickers on their cars.

Most gays have suffered from abuse or ostracism from early childhood. Leave them alone, and you might even try accepting them as human beings just as some of the rest of us do. If you can’t reason that out in your own mind, you might even look in the Bible to see if you can find anything there about kindness to other people.

What is even more appalling is that the laws of this country, or parts of it, can be authorized by a vote of enough citizens thus covered to enact a law that negates any legislation which welcomes gays (few of whom are even recognizable as gay) and provides them with the freedom and and protection of this nation.

And to the gays who are reading this, married or not, may you find many happy years ahead!


an average patriot said...

those are not true Christians! They are merely using the Religion to follow their own agenda. Heck with all those men around him Christ was probably Gay too and who the hell cares. Glad to hear from you little Bill, keep crowing!

R W Rawles said...

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Vigilante said...

I wish we could get away from marriage as anything other than a religious ceremony. The state should only be in the business of recognizing civil unions.

Then everyone would enjoy equal protection under law, entitled to a civil union to another person of their choice.

Gays could always find a church which would marry them.

And we could all be liberated from this funny business that seems to distract the news media from the really important business and politics of the day.