In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
What a Mess

So many things are so bad! The weather situation in the middle of this country is so unbelievably destructive that one wonders how you would ever be able to get over it. It would be like the end of my life to me. The human loss is inconceivable, but as an animal lover, the suffering of those innocents is more than I can bear to think of.

But here is a suggestion that might be a huge help to the people who are suffering from these floods and ought to make their helpers feel good too. If you were planning on a vacation in that area and had been saving up the money to finance it, especially if you had already made reservations, why don’t you just tell the people there to keep the money, or send them a check for what you had planned to spend?! I can’t think of a gift more appreciated or friendships more profoundly cemented. As for the donor, such a life-changing decision to contribute to the future of those so badly in need—especially if they are people you already know or may know in the future—is a sign of personal growth of character. And what a noble lesson to your children!

Back to the war situation, Bush is off on his triumphal farewell tour of Europe as president, full of his own importance as usual. He did make a limp reference to his many oratorical mistakes—such as “bring it on”—without apologizing for them or evincing any conception of the death, destruction, and lasting hatred they brought on, or the many years it will take for the situation to change. And profoudly sad for his troops, both dead and alive, he had no right whatsoever to send them to wage an unlawful war against a country that did not deserve or invite it. As in sports, there is no victor when the “winner” prevails against a foe who did not invite his attack and is ill-prepared to defend against it. How very sad for both countries!

And the presumptive heir to Bush’s throne exhibits many of the same traits that Bush does—victory is the goal, merited or not. As in so many American sports, the use of illegal drugs and tactics are weapons of choice. Sen. McCain has said that he would rather lose an election than a war. Some value for a man hoping to be our next president!