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Hypocrisy ,"O" ,Hypocrisy

First, because both Sen. Edwards and Pres. Bush have said similar spiritual things, I want to bring both into this missive. Sen Edwards’ present predicament led to his recent pronouncement that he has spoken to God about his sins and God has forgiven him. Whew! I am so glad to hear that, as for a while there I thought God might say that what he had done to his family, and what he could almost have done to his country were inexcusable. I do hope, and predict however, that he will seek no future political office.

In a similar vein, one of Bush’s least prescient remarks, made early in his presidency, was that he had looked into Putin’s eyes, and that he had seen his soul. Today, however, Bush, speaking to Putin and to the American people, told Putin that, “nations don’t invade other nations in the twenty-first century, and commit aggression.” This statement was repeated later today by Condoleeza Rice.

This was followed shortly after by a speech on the subject by John McCain, of all people!, with similar dire warnings to Russia on behalf of Georgia. When he was asked about his reaction to Obama’s statement about the current dangerous situation in Georgia, McCain refused to answer the question, saying that this was no time for politics. He then launched into a long description of his own antipathy to Putin, followed by strangely political-sounding comments to the effect that the next president is going to have to have both courage and experience in martial matters in order to cope with the very dangerous future ahead of us.



Yellow Dog said...

Thanks for this post!

Let's have a naming contest: Name that other plant that neo-cons live on.


an average patriot said...

i am sick of people finding God when they fail as human beings. Edwards in particular should be done and I am very annoyed that McCain admitted to marital indiscretions and so much has happened the slime is getting off Scott free!

Vigilante said...

Even before the JRE betrayal broke, I never thought the Carol McCain argument was any different than an embrassment to the Progressive cause. Because it was trivial and superficial.

Patriot says:

I am very annoyed that McCain admitted to marital indiscretions and so much has happened the slime is getting off Scott free!

The "mortal sin" if we can call it that, is comparable. Elizabeth Edwards and Carol McCain were medically disadvantaged when they were two-timed. You can argue about that. Since I am a morally compromised mortal myself, I'm not taking either side up. I don't care a rat's ass. I just say, "So what?"

The political sin of McCain on his marital issue decades ago is infinitesimal compared to Edwards. Republicans knew all about it when they nominated him. Voters knew all about it when they voted for him. It's part of McCain's persona, albeit negative.

But Edwards' faithfulness and family loyalty was part of his public and political persona. Voters bought it hook line and sinker. The were voting for Edwards drive for One America and his standing by Elizabeth. A whole 'nother kettle of fish. When he turns up a cropper, it's a stinking kettle of fish.

McCain is an asshole for his political loyalities and policies. Edwards is an asshole for his total lack of political loyalities. A self-diagnosed narcissist. Royal Asshole.

an average patriot said...

Wow Vigilante
We agree!