In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Suicide of the Human Race

I do not know enough about other religions, but I do know enough about the Christian faith in all its permutations to realize that it is and will be the major force in the death of the human race. Following are some of its major means at hand for suicide, unbeknownst to its most loyal followers.

First, and most unalterable, all life forms on Earth will eventually die. You can argue that there is life after death, but that is not what I am most interested in. I am thinking about life, including incipient life on this earth and how human beings control what happens to it on this earth.

Second, Christians have usurped the rights of nonbelievers and are working hard in this country and around the world to see that we will all, including those of other beliefs, as well as nonbelievers, be ruled by their religious canons. They are working at this very time to establish as constitutional law their belief (regardless of the harm it can do) that “all life is sacred and must be preserved regardless of any consequences.” There can be no abortion for any reason, because that is against God’s will. There cannot even be birth control according to many believers. And most egregiously, there cannot even be a right to die. (Oddly, it’s alright to kill others or be killed in battle.)

Many babies are born with terrible physical malformations that they will suffer from all their lives. And untold millions are born into a world of misery and want. (Many of the faithful believe that God wanted them that way because He is testing them for noble service in heaven. I doubt that many of those born into misery look upon such luck as good fortune rather than as a punishment which they do not deserve.) And it often seems that true believers who serve the unfortunate may also be looking for personal approvement by God.

There is uncontrovertable evidence that the world is now changing rapidly. (To think that George W. Bush has had eight years in which he could have done much to try to save the Earth, and instead, he has done the most to ruin it!) We are faced with catastrophic climate change, the food is running out, oil and its uses have blinded the people who use it most to any thought of the future. What is the world going to do on the day the last barrel of oil runs out? Most of those who are more fortunate than we need to be are unwilling to change our lifestyles. We are not making any serious attempts to prepare for that eventuality. Why should we, we won’t be here anyway?

And why do you suppose that there are so many wars and coming wars ahead of us? You don’t have to be very bright to figure that out. Like all other animals and creatures, we will either fight each other for what is left of food and shelter or die of want.