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Today's Big News - Iraq Is Getting Rich

And almost everyone is furious! I may be all alone here, because I understand that even my beloved Democrats are mad.

What they’re so mad about is that they think Iraq should be paying for its own rehabilitation, instead of leaving so much of the cost to the United States.

Well, the way I see it, their war (at least at first) was OUR war. We invaded and bombed the hell out of them, using lies concocted by our highest governmental officers as the excuse, destroying much of their archeological treasure, killing thousands upon thousands of their citizens of all ages, and reducing much of their property and territory to ruins, as well as leaving thousands of our own men and women either dead or maimed. Considering the amount of money they are presently raking in from their oil fields, it seems highly likely that what our government, in particular, is so mad about, is that they were hoping to rake alot of that money in for themselves.

But it was OUR war, for our purposes (to spread democracy as we presently refer to it, and Christianity) and to get rich quick. So now, the U. S. thinks that Iraq should be paying for the war that WE started?! True, the war has spread from our original fake rescue, which had not even been sought by the Iraqis, to a myriad of battles between other factions who live in that part of the world.

We deserve to be paying reparations for redevelopment of the area we have desecrated. We don’t deserve to leave like heroes from a land in which our leaders, driven by their own enormous ambition, have mired our courageous and deceived armed forces.

They don’t want us there anymore. If we no longer feel the obligation to at least help to pay for the morass we have made of that part of the world, THEN NOW IS THE TIME TO JUST GET THE HELL OUT!


an average patriot said...

little Bill
It is time to get out now. We went in to go after Iran and they are doing that from Afghanistan. They have an estimated $80 Billion surplus. They want us out by 2010.
The money we spent and the money they have should be treated as reparations for the thousands killed, the4 future destruction, The damage done, and Bush's illegal war!

Yellow Dog said...

Yeah, it's past time.