In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
The Time of the Last Great Warning

If there had been a different president during the past eight years, would it have made any difference, or will George W. Bush take credit for the final stages of the earth? He was a heavy drinking, not-very-bright playboy who found salvation through his extremely religious wife, a combination that is fraught with possibilities, both positive and negative. In this case, what we got was blooey!!!

Bush, as you can tell, is now working his a-- head off trying to do the things he should have done before, and fixing things it’s too late to fix now so that they will be left for the next president to take the blame for. The things he is most interested in saving are those things like offshore and Anwar drilling, which will make rich people richer and satisfy those who don’t know any better and don’t realize or care that using more oil now will only use more of it at the expense of those who will come after we are gone.

What are our descendants supposed to do without the treasure which we have wantonly raped from the earth? And where will they go to worship their God or gods, to the treeless masses of land which used to be home to millions of animals, birds, fish, and insects? And what, if any, creatures who used to be human will survive? Will they go to the open pits and useless mountains of what used to be fertile earth, from which we have sucked the last minerals?

If you believe in a god, will he be proud of what humans have done with what they originally found and achieved, and will you believe that your god did a really good job when he created us?

Greed and Poverty, the inseparable partners, have the earth almost totally in their hands. Their mottos are, respectively, What the Hell Do I Care? I Won’t Be Here Anyway, and Oh God, I Wish I Was Dead and in Heaven.

Well, in one way, we are living in a very exciting time, possibly Mankind’s last chance, or possibly the birth of another dead planet, to be seen from afar by another distant astronaut.

If you still believe in the loving God we were taught about in church, try to remember that we were taught to care for each other and do good deeds. Oddly, that lesson has become the motto of most of us nonbelievers.


skip sievert said...

The political system of Babylon made up the original religious system... the basics of which are still followed today. It was all inherited from that region of the world.

The problem is the political Price system, that has us all enslaved to money.

This system is an antique that no longer works.

If maintained it is going to kill everyone and then kill itself.

Investigate Technocracy technate design.

Messenger said...

The last 8 years could have been the best of times, but they turned out to be the worst of times.

an average patriot said...

Gee little bill
You never cease to amaze me. You have a heck of a grasp for you know! Anyway not too much has to be said in response other than if there is a God I hope he tortures Bush forever for what he has done to what is supposed to be Gods earth and his people not bush's.

skip sievert said...

There is no god dumb ass. At least not the phucked up middle eastern one that you would like to see torture people like Bush you sadist.

Bush is rewarded for bad behavior and supported because he made the system grow. That is the end all and be all in a Price System. That is the mechanism of our system, until we change it.

McCain .. Obama... etc. are clowns for special interest groups. That is all they are.. both sides... Corporate Fascist water carriers.