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Climate Change Conference

Dont Worry, Be Happy

Those of us who really care for the Earth and everything on it, and who have the capacity to use our minds, are extremely worried about Global Warming and looking forward with hope to the Climate Change Conference in Denmark.

Photographs and films of glaciers on the highest mountains beginning to melt are alarming, especially as the water flowing from the mountains is vital to life, and much more accessible to life than that which must be retrieved from the ground. Look at it this way: If what humans are doing to make (just) humans more comfortable has the slightest chance of being a large part of global warming, reason would whisper in your ear that possibly we had better stop.

What is truly frightening is that there are many people with little education and strong religious indoctrination, and these people vote. What is even more frightening is that when most people vote, they vote for themselves and not for others. One of the most egregious rights to vote is that we who are sexually normal(?) outnumber homosexuals and can therefore outvote them when they seek rights normal to the rest of us, including having children.

People like those I have described, and many others as well, would be very unlikely to know or care what animals are suffering and/or disappearing. So their rections would be mostly to not want to hear about it, just as I cannot bear to hear about any cruelty or even injury to an animal. (I am ashamed to admit that I eat meat and deplore the habit. I am trying to quit, as it is one of the most deceptive, painful, and dreadful ways for an animal to die, especially when it is killed for the sake of sport—and most of us don’t even have to be a part of the practice until we see it sizzling on a platter!)

(Just now, Sen. Inhofe and another whose name I didn’t get were having a debate on global warming, and Sen. Inhofe said we didn’t need to worry, that we had all sorts of resources here to develop.)
This is what drives me nuts! We are desecrating our resources, but our largest problem (and we don’t even know it) is TOO MANY PEOPLE! Although few people realize it, that is why we are fighting wars. Unless we learn to gradually reduce our numbers by birth control, the only options left to us are war, disease, and/or starvation.
Good job, Ignorance, Lack of Interest, Personal Greed, and the Word of God!



an average patriot said...

I am stupefied my own namesake was telling me today global warming is a farce and I am stunned, he should know. Right now there is a chunk of ice twice the size of Manhattan that broke away from the Antarctic 10 years ago and is the first in history to be closing in on Australia.

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill you are on my mind, take care!