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The Power of the Vote

The Power of the Vote

From Sen. Lieberman’s decision to leave the Democratic Party and become an Independent some time ago, he appears pretty happy being in the kingpin position of possibly casting the determining vote between the Democrats and the Republicans on a number of different bills.

I do not understand how he was lucky enough to have been selected a number of years ago as a candidate for vice president under the Democratic party. He had every American’s right to work toward such an outcome. However, every time I see his face, his happy, happy smile is his trademark for me. I’m not practiced enough on the computer to read all about him, so I know nothing about his intellectual or moral capacities, which leads me to label him in my mind as a hard-smiling man with many friends.

I could be wrong, of course.



Yellow Dog said...

Lieberman belongs the Kleptocratic Party. Many Republican and Democrat office holders are card-carrying members.

an average patriot said...

Lieberman is a traitor. When he was running I was proud but now ashamed he was here in Gardner as his wife is from here.