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Line of Sight

We Do Not All See Alike

I am lucky enough to have lived here in Santa Barbara for pobably more than 11 years by now. It is a beautiful town at the base of beautiful mountains. We have had three very serious fires in the mountains since I have lived here, the most recent having started in May and spread from one end of the range in our sight to the other. As in most cases, it was started by humans, but this one was apparently an accident. However, arson seems to be a growing amusement of choice.

If you drive your own car and watch what you’re doing, you have probably come to realize that there is really a great deal of the Santa Ynez Mountains and most of this town that you have never really seen. As an invalid who has to be driven wherever I go, I now have plenty of time to sightsee as we move. I may not go far, but I have more time to choose and consider my sites.

Today, when I was working with my physical therapist, I asked her what she saw when she looked at the mountains. They are beginning, with the help of humans, to show some green again. My therapist’s answer was that she saw the mountains beginning to turn green, and they had beautiful clouds above them.

Then she asked me, and my answer was that I saw dead animals, and their babies dying of starvation. What my friend sees is only the surface from afar. What my mind sees is undoubtedly more realistic, but God, I wish I could change it!



Vigilante said...

Yeah! We had that one rain and all the winter grass popped right up! Since then no more water, and that grass is beginning to drop over. Last year it was tall enough that Ballou could poop on the Douglas Preserve and no one would be the wiser. This year, so far, I have to actually use the bags I carry!

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill;! You guys have certainly had your share of fire this year. More than normal! The animals suffer all the terrain suffers but people only see their own suffering and as they see their world heal think of nothing but themselves as usual! Hope you are well Anne!

Yellow Dog said...

Yeah. Note, that during all those fires, they're always are talking about all the buildings they're saving. Not about any critters which might be of concern.