In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
I Don't Understand

It seems to me that an ever-growing world population, and endless expansion of new technology to replace human employent can only end up in total chaos.

When our world leaders shake hands and smile at the audience, why don’t they smile at each other instead? Such a smile could be seen by both groups and recognized as the culmination of a friendly agreement.

Listening to Washington Journal this morning, I have heard the poorest of the poor telling why they are unemployed, what their education is, and how many children they have who are in the same jam and depending on them. How can the Pro-Lifers have the stupidity, or just the plain old guts, not to encourage people like these to stop having babies, at least until they can support them?

President Obama is the best we’ve had, admirable both as a President and as a human being. In answering a question today, he said that we need to buy from our own citizens. I understand his desires in that respect, but how would that affect the attitude of other countries who trade with us?

Back to world over-populstion. World Violence is doing the very best it can to get over-population under control. And don’t think it won’t win in the end! It is too bad that our partner in this effort is Violence. Unless and until human beings as a whole learn from the scientists who know what they’re talking about, the earth will grow more crowded and lose more of its earthly riches every second of the day. Is that what humans call our Thanks to God?

Our jobs are being replaced by technology, our philosophy is deeply inolved with hatred, hatred of the Other and/or Others. The Economy consists of everything from the Very Rich to the Very Poor. Those who don’t have riches want them, and most of those who have them want more. And the really great thing about being rich is that, for many of them, they’ve never even had to work! They can go to church and put a large check in the gift bowl. The glory of it is that they leave chuch having received their Father’s Grace and just as rich as ever.

I have a suggestion for a new Rich Man’s charity. (Actually, I shouldn’t display such an enormous amount of gall, because it has undoubtedly been thought of by many rich people before.) The one I suggest, might be a charity which actually makes the donor demonstrably poorer than he was before.


(I’m ashamed to say that I will be putting out a box of worn and faded clothes for the Salvation Army on Monday. I need to put a mirror up on my computer when I write.)