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Illegal Immigration


One of the very most serious of all human failings is dishonesty of any sort, the more so because the person who commits it does so of his own free will. Listening to a discussion of illegal immigration just now is what brings forth my thoughts.

Immigrants coming across the border illegally are doing so dishonestly. Many, of course, come to peddle drugs. Many others who make their trek across the desert do so to look for work—dishonest too, but somewhat mitigated out of their need for work so desperate that they are willing to face a distinct possibility that they may die in their attempt.

What is largely being ignored by people on this side of the border is that those immigrants, though guilty, are not as guilty as the Americans on this side of the border who are willing to hire them—undoubtedly in most cases, because they can get away with paying them wages far below the value of their work.

So it is, before the judge of common decency, that the employers who hire them have committed a sin of far greater depth. Many of those who knowingly employ illegals absolve themselves by going to church, where kthey ask God to forgive them.



an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill! I just stopped by and I see the comment I left is not here. Anyway it depends on which side of the border you are on whether or not what you are doing is moral or immoral. What is immoral to us is moral to them and vice-a-versa

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill just looking in and wanted to say Hi!