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One Road, Many Paths

One Road, Many Paths

Henceforth, I’ll be including a new feature designed by me especially for those who can’t spell. No, that’s not right—it’s designed especially by me for those who can spell. Well, you’ll get the idea. Example below:

Won Rode, Men-eeeh Pahths

Hen’s-fourth aisle bee inn-clue-ding a knew feet-you’re Dee-signed buy mee S-pesh-alley fore thoes hoo cant spell. Know, that’s knot write—its Dee-signed S-pesh-alley four thoes hoo cans-pell.

Inn sum Kay-says, their arhh werds with differ-rent mean-ings that halve thuh saim spell-ings.

Sew Fahr., inn enknee case, eye can know long-rrh! sleap at nite. Hah-pee inn-venting!



an average patriot said...

Love it little bill, have fun!

an average patriot said...

Howdy little Bill just looking in so I will say Hi I hope you are well.

an average patriot said...

Just want to say Hi little Bill Hope you are well!