In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Moral and Ethical Views No. 1

Let’s “Try It Again (Uncle) Sam”—Part One

First, let’s talk about ourselves, rather than any other countries. We’re going to talk about overpopulation and greed. Both are problems also caused and experienced by other countries, but we should try to reform ourselves before calling on the rest of the World; and besides, we cause most of the harm, and the harm that we cause has enormous consequences for the rest of the world.

Pure Reason should tell us that the more children we have, the more population we have, and the more of the World’s once-and-only resources we consume.

It stands to reason that the more babies a couple has, the more resources that family will consume. Many resources are irreplaceable, and thus generally consumed to a greater degree by large families than by small families.

And this leads to similar discrepancies caused, generally, by families that are rich being able to afford to consume more than can families that are poor.

Running through what I am writing is the thread of morality and the charity of consideration. However, because I am atheist, what I write may carry less moral weight with the average believer simply for that very reason.



an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill! I respect you and you have more moral weight than most. The US is not concerned about resources and like Russia their concern is as many kids as possible to replenish those killed in their wars.

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill just looking at this again and want to say Hi I hope you are well.