In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist

Lets “Try It Again (Uncle) Sam”—Part Three

Sorry, I left off my most important point (the last two paragraphs, below) on Part Two.

Our forefathers, we are told, came to these shores in search of freedom, both religious and political. The motto of our most famous monument, the Statue of Liberty bears this motto: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

And so here we are! We have usurped this land from its original owners—or at least from the people who preceded us. And we put them into prisons without walls, where most of them live to this very day.

We have sought to convert them to Christianity—just as we have moved on to other lands in more recent years in an effort to convert the people living there, who have their own religions, to our Christian ways. Note: By the way, I do not recall having Muslims, for example, knocking at my door with the hope of converting me.

Evidently, many Christians don’t realize that a person’s religion is just that—thinking. It is best accomplished, by each of us individually, through IQ and education. For those not lucky enough to have much of either, active conversion, while effective, is not genuine, because it has had no fertile source from which to flourish.

And now, the American people, in general, do not want to have any Mexicans knocking on our doors or climbing our fences, as our forefathers figuratively did, without an invitation. And when they get here, we are happy to pay them a pauper’s pay to work themselves to death doing our most menial jobs.

My most important thought is: If you’re going to have Mexicans (used in the generic sense) legal or illegal working for you, for God’s sake, do not pay them starvation wages for the most dangerous, exhausting, and often degrading work they do for you, and which no one else in this country will do. They deserve better, and if you can’t afford them, do it yourself.