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How to Vote

Rumor has it that many Democrats are threatening to vote for Sen. McCain if they don’t like whichever of the Democratic nominees is chosen to run for President. This seems to be a rather “nose to spite your face” choice. Unless you like war and killing, and if you haven’t tried it, it might be a good idea to give it a try first. A flag in your lapel just doesn’t cut it.

Unfortunately, we don’t get many pictures of mutilated American bodies in the news. An even more instructive example might be more pictures of Americans who have been permanently physically maimed for life, and especially those who are the mentally, psychologically, and emotionally walking dead.

I might even mention the tens of thousands of Iraqis who are dead or injured, but they don’t really count because they are either the enemy or the unfortunate collateral damage. (By the way, I wonder what kind of medical and financial aid they get compared to our armed forces and their families.)

You can choose to vote for or against whomever or whatever you are voting about. It seems more logical and productive to vote “for.” Let’s start with the party. If you are a Democrat, the differences between the parties seem rather stark. And if you plan to vote that way, you, at least, have a choice. Fortunately, or not, the choices have been decided by the American voting public, so it would be well to deal with that. (I voted for Kucinich because I believed in him and decided to vote for him even though I knew he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, and I hope it made him feel good because it made me feel good.) But now I accept the people’s choices that remain and am glad to deal with those, and am in the process just as you are.

A vote for McCain, if you don’t think Republican, is also a vote against the Democratic party. The guru of voting against is Lou “Angry Teeth” Dobbs. Now, he doesn’t seem to be for the Republicans either, and that is because he is against just about anything I can think of. He and his coterie of sycophants (those are elitist words which you can look up in the dictionary just the way I did if you don’t know them) are spreading the doctrine of Hate like peanut butter over the ether (another elitist word.) I can’t think of anything positive he has ever said, and I must give him credit for doing more to increase hatred for immigrants (would you recognize one as legal or illegal if you saw one?) than anyone else in this country. He’s a master at inviting a guest he doesn’t agree with, asking him a question, and then talking over him as he answers.

Just as an aside, early on in the voting process, I remember Angry Teeth coyly smiling when his fans suggested that he should run for President, and I notice that he mentions at least once on every program that he is an Independent. He is apparently converting many fans to that party as well. It might be a good idea to ask him if he has any policies to put forward just in case he decides to run. So far, I haven’t heard him say a word on that subject.

To conclude, try to remember (despite Bush’s most recent propaganda) that we are preparing to vote for a President, not a priest or a Pope. Let’s hope we can do a better job this time.


an average patriot said...

little bill
There are a lot of possibilities this fall. None of them good. If Obama gets the nomination the election will be stolen a third time this time for McCain. Otherwise Obama will be assassinated.
If it looks like there will be a problem getting the next false Republican McCain in so he can finish Bush's agenda attacking Iran and declaring martial law Bush will do that before his time is up.
None of the possibilities are good. McCain may be the worse because I am afraid his hate and underhandedness dwarfs even Bush's if you can believe that.

Stella said...

Average Patriot, you and I are on the same page. Except, how do we know that martial law won't be declared prior to November, based on the 2006 Executive Signing Order. Sure, it's paranoia, but a lot of things have happened in the last eight years I never expected to encounter.

And If McBush wins, will Lieberman be selected as VP? And who will run the Administrative positions. McBush certainly isn't Republican with truly traditional GOP values. We'd need Ike back for that.

I think Obama has a good shot—at least I hope so! If he wins, we may see Wesley Clark as Secretary of Defense and maybe even Russ Feingold as Secretary of State. But that's just a hope for now.

Little Bill, you probably know "we don’t get many pictures of mutilated American bodies in the news" because Babs Bush doesn't want to "ruin her beautiful mind" with war casualties. Baby Bush Darth Cheney don't want to enrage the public with the death toll of this war, so they send home the body bags at night.

As concerns the dead and injured Iraqis, some statistics put the number as high as almost 1.2 million. I, too, liked Kucinich, but voted for Gravel for the same reason. His defection to the Libertarians greatly disappointed me.

I think I'm going to keep away from the news at least two days a week, otherwise I'm just going to burn out.

an average patriot said...

I do not suffer from paranoia only a healthy dose of reality and frustration as I watch reality ignored and develop into a nightmare.
I use to think Bush got the power because he was going to do it before his time was up if he thought his agenda was in danger.
Now I see he wante3 to avoid that scenario it he can. McCain is much worse and more ruthless than Bush. He is the next false Republican God and if they can not steal this election too and get him at the helm something else will happen. Bush has amassed too much abusive power to allow in Dem hands, that I know!

an average patriot said...

Sorry but Anyway glad to hear we are on the same page. Help wake up the country and quick!mcqqyd

Utah Savage said...

I'm preparing to immigrate to Canada just in case. I hope it doesn't come to that, but I hear it's lovely in BC. I've been taking "How to become a Canadian" lessons from Gary. Good thing I've read all of Margaret Atwood, since I'm not a huge KD Lang fan--don't get me wrong, I like her OK, it's just that all her songs sound alike to me. But these, Leonard Cohen. Did I spell that right?

I would link Gary's site for you, but I'm that ignorant of all the special effects thingys.

Petrosexual said...

Leaving for Canada, Salvage? Good. Take Ur fags with U and don't let the door hit U in Ur fat ass.

an average patriot said...

Utah sorry about that you do not deserve that neither does little Bill on her wonderful site
I just wanted to say I do not care who the nominee is though I am banking on Obama, just vote Democrat and against McCain. We can not survive someone worse than Bush. Did you see what Dusty posted on Sirens about McCain linking Obama to Hamas? Then underhanded slimes, Sorry LB!

LittleBill said...

Thanks for your kind words, AvPat. Sorry I'm so slow. Haven't been feeling so hot lately. Don't know whether it's my health or the world we live in.

an average patriot said...

you just relax Hon and enjoy the view out back. Relax, lighten up, and take care!