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What the Hell Is Happening to Us?

I wrote a comment somewhere this morning, but can’t seem to find it now. (I just came home from the doctor, so I’m starting over.) At any rate, I want to retract my vote for the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I wrote my recent post after hearing his interview with Bill Moyers and evidently missed his later speeches during which he went ballistic. Sorry about that. I apologize profusely for any harm I may have done. I’ll try to do better.

Obama has been on the air all day, trying to get his good name back. For God’s sake, he’s our only hope for a NEW direction. The thing that appeals most to me is his pledge to TALK to other leaders, both friends AND enemies.

The news media have certainly been no help, using this crisis for making news, ANY news, and it’s more fun and profitable to really stir the pot. Another president whose main interests are war and capitalism are beyond the pale. And another president who threatens more war will only continue up the path to annihilation.

And, as I have warned, don’t forget Lou Dobbs, who wears the face of hate (literally), and who is poised as I speak to run as an Independent.

I’ve been wrong before, and I can be wrong again, but Obama’s hope for something better rather than just being safe is the best hope we have. If ANYONE becomes president, he or she can still, and probably will, make mistakes, but that’s all we can hope for or expect.

The face he shows to the world wears the only expression of humanity we can see.



Beach Bum said...

Yeah, I was giving Wright the benefit of the doubt over his statements. I was raised around black churches and pretty much already heard all that stuff and a lot more. But the African-American community always for some reason I can't imagine seem to keep some sort of faith in America and its promise. What Wright did at the National Press Club was, as you wrote, go ballistic. Top it all off I seen a few internet articles saying the NPC speech was organized by a Hillary supporter.

LittleBill said...

Hi, Beach: You are such a comfort to me. I don't feel at all well, and making such a mistake really bothered me. Thanks for writing.

Yellow Dog said...

Little Bill, to err is human. For you to admit it is divine.

Blogging4Food said...

Yes, Obama is the one!

an average patriot said...

Hi Little Bill! You're alright, no problem Hon!
Now I posted on this the other day but in a nut shell MSM is in the rights pocket. As I have said innumerable times it is a media controlled agenda.
They control the agenda and the discussions.
First McCain is a given already I am afraid but I will still do my end and just watch how this will get stolen this time. Anyway, MSM got off Hillary and on Obama when she whined and they were worried Obama might get the nomination.
They have to stay off McCain and stay on Obama until they sink him and guarantee the scenario Bush called for 2 years ago.
They want to face Hillary because they know they will defeat her and guarantee a continuation of Bush's new order agenda only worse because McCain is even much worse if you can believe that.
As you know I say frequently that this entire mess is just beginning
I saw a poll yesterday that we are in trouble because 50% of Dems said they will switch or not vote if their nominee is not nominated. That is asinine and counter productive to our future. People must wake up to the nightmare before them. At least make them steal it or whatever they're going to do.