In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
McCain re Summer Gas Tax Cuts

We’ve recently been given one of our more serious warnings about global warming and all the ways it is descending upon us, and, like Bush, what does McCain do but try to delay an outcome that only Nature can decide upon! Bush is trying to take credit for talking “environment” while putting off doing anything about it until some twenty years after he is out of office.

And McCain, with no sense of urgency, is suggesting that we suspend our gas taxes until next fall so that we can go where we want, when we want, and at any speed we want during our summer vacations.

Great! Doesn’t anyone around here know that Nature is giving us all sorts of alarms about what it can do to us? Doesn’t anyone learn any lessons about considering life-style changes? In a country with just about the highest standard of living in the world
(except when you are at the bottom of the heap) doesn’t anyone ever consider lowering your standard of living even an eensy weensy bit?

McCain chooses to use American me-firstism as en election come-on, but you don’t have to. You and your family can decide on lifestyle change, not only on the highway, but all across your daily family habits as well. This could also become a large part of your religious life and thought , and an excellent education for your children.


an average patriot said...

Bush doesn't care about the country or the environment. The life long loser got the Presidency and enriched his friends at our cost to the tune of Billions with his insistence of no over sight.
If he can't stay in Texas he always has his 100,000 acres in Paraguay over the Gurani Aquifer

an average patriot said...

You know, I have been listening to him on the cuts and of course Hillary jumped on the bandwagon but not Obama. I really don't think its a good idea and just a gimmick! We need more refineries period and we will not get them because not having enough creates a bottle neck and is just one reason top keep the price up!