In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
I've Changed My Mind

Rev. Jeremiah Wright for President!!



LittleBill said...

And furthermore, Wright is a veteran, (as am I, WWII) and there's a damn good chance that many of the people who were so insulted by his words have no old uniforms in their closets, just flag pins in their lapels and American flags on their cars flapping triumphantly in the wind.

Messenger said...

Yeah! Right On!

Vigilante said...

Lil'Bill, What's come over you? I thought you were an atheist! Are you getting religion? Personally, I think this is Barack Obama's Andrew Shepherd moment.

an average patriot said...

What a surprise you always are little bill!
I just wish he would not get in ours and Obama's way who at least had a shot at it!
We need Obama and he is the best for us and the world. however I am afraid McCain is already the chosen one. MSM will ignore all his inequities. MSM will focus on Obama until Republicans face and defeat Hillary.
They will focus on Obama’s and sinking the Democratic party while keeping this facade of a Democracy and free elections going. The alternatives to another stolen election are even worse. This is really terrible.
They accuse Obama of being an elitist! Obama is no elitist! He is great so he does not stand a chance. It is pretty bad when elitist the likes of McCain and Clinton get away with painting Obama as one!
I will never understand it but Dems will never get the backbone they need. they appear to be what we called as kids, tits on a bull, worthless! Until they grow some and learn how to defeat the Repub disinformation juggernaut we do not have a chance!