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Religion Run Amok

First we have the spectacle of Texas authorities “rescuing” the children of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from their ranch in West Texas and keeping them in custody until their disposition can be determined by law.

From the description of the sect which we are beginning to learn from news reports, this sect is certainly about as strange as they come. However, speaking as a nonbeliever, in this country wallowing in religious freedom and liberty (both words mean the same thing, but it makes them more pithy if used together,) I have yet to hear those words in this particular case from any of the better known Christian groups in this country. Curious!

Next we have derision piled upon derision against Barack Obama for his insightful remarks concerning the people at the bottom of the American good luck heap. There must be many of them who are “bitter.” That word, as well as the values which give them some meaning in their lives, undoubtedly are felt as Obama described them. The reactions of Clinton and McCain are becoming less and less improptu and more and more manufactured tactics. Of the three of them, Obama has had the most direct experience with the needs and the sorrows of those who feel that life is passing them by in favor of the rich and socially elite, whose wealth grows on the backs of the underpaid poor.

And today the Pope is making his first visit to this country as Pope, to be welcomed to the White House. He plans to apologize for the sexual transgressions of the Catholic clergy, few of whom have been properly punished, while the innocent children of the Mormon sect, at this very same time, do not understand what is happening to them.
Quite a week!


an average patriot said...

Religion has definitely run amok in America. It seems bush throws Christianity around purposely to say in your face. He is perverting religion and Democracy only to follow his new order agenda. As usual he is doing what he is accusing others of doing.
I am really peeved at what they are doing in Texas. Live like I want or else! This was done in 1956 and eventually the girls grew up moved back to it and I saw an interview and they were all living the same way again. Viva Le Difference I say as long as you are not bothering anyone else.

LittleBill said...

I see I misspelled one of the elitist words, "impromptu," in the above post. I want to correct it quickly, as I plan to post another article on elitism tomorrow.