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Let's Talk Taxes Again

Starting with Ronald Reagan, and growing like a weed on up the Republican strangling vine, is the tactic of hating taxes.

The purpose of taxes in a democracy is that all citizens share in supporting the taxes that pay for the things which we cannot do separately. These include things like health care, education, maintenance of the infrastructure (roads, education, water, utilities, etc.)

The rich, it should go without saying, should carry most of the load, with the middle class following fairly closely behind. Even the poor should feel the obligation, both as an acceptance of their share of responsibility and as a recognition of their dignity as members of a democracy.

But members of Congress continue to complain of taxes upon our citizens as THAT IS YOUR MONEY! What a really lousy level of government leadership! But it appeals to many citizens who do not think beyond themselves and don’t care where the service comes from, so long as they get it if they need it, but don’t like to feel that they have contributed to anyone else if they don’t need it.

In point of fact, it is the person who does good for someone else where and when the need and opportunity arise that is truly paying his taxes, both monetarily and morally. As I have asked before, do they teach you any of this stuff in church?


an average patriot said...

During our founding the thought was once you joined society you would do the right thing for that society not anymore. I use to think it was normal to put other's first and do the right thing. it took me researching Jefferson to find out it was me that is not normal today.not enough principled people today. Their attitude , hooray for me and the hell for you. That spells trouble!

Doc Demento said...

Yeah, it's not the government against the people if it's government by, of, and for the people.

Boris said...

Tax the rich!

Petrosexual said...

Like Robert Mugabe?