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Lou Dobbs 4 President?

Little Bill is always calling me up to watch Lou Dobbs. She knows I can't stand TV or a'holes on TV. So I know she's just trying to annoy me. So this is pay back. I'm putting this info up here because it's high time Little Bill told us all about what she thinks of Lou Dobbs.

And so that readers also can weigh in, here are some links to Nativist-Central. If you want to see Loopy's Campaign page, you can click here. And, if you want Loopy to actually run for POTUS, you can sign a petition here! But don't any body call me! I'd rather talk to a(nother) yellow dog, before I'd talk about a guy named 'Lou'!


LittleBill said...

I can hardly believe my eyes at the awards Dobbs has received over the years. There are few donors which I recognize, but I will accept that he did get the awards, as listed in his biography.

During the day, if C-Span is having congressional business which is inclined to be rather boring or on a subject which does not particularly interest me, I have the TV turned to CNN for news as current as available without staff interpretation.

That is how I end up with Lou Dobbs in the afternoon. At first, I just couldn't bother turning off the TV, but now I watch him because he NEEDS to be watched.

I have mentioned at least a couple of times on my blog that I was sure he was grooming his fans to call for him to run for the presidency, and he has unctuously thanked them for their support by changing their parties to Independent. If you have not watched him on TV, you should, because he is one of the most dangerous men I have ever heard talk.

He has said nothing about his personal ideas of how government should be run, only that NO ONE is, can, or will do anything right. He has done more than any other American to preach the hatred of any immigrants, especially those coming from Mexico. And this in turn has encouraged American hatred of most if not all immigrants. It also includes encouraging more animosity between the political parties for each other.

In the past day or two, he really went off the deep end, expressing horror at Sen. Obama, who has said that American children should be taught Spanish in school. The response from Dobbs' devotees has been enormous approval of Dobbs' point of view.

I wrote a blog about this subject in the past year or two, in which I advocated classes in which the American children should be taught Spanish at the same time that the Hispanic children in the same class are taught English. The ability of those children to communicate with each other and with others should be of great advantage.

More important, if done right, such an education should instill in the children a respect and friendship for each other and for the backgrounds from which they have come.

an average patriot said...

I don't know if I have ever seen a Lou Dobbs view I did not like or agree with. He is always on top of the real issues concerning us and our America and he has the right take being a relentless advocate. I would vote for him but he would never run for any office and scoffs at the idea!

LittleBill said...

Do I see fast friends at each other's throats here?! Well, I love you anyway, AvPat

an average patriot said...

No little bill, you know how I feel about you! I like Dobbs too I am just very peeved with all MSM and Politicians for not knowing how bad this is and going to get and just keep playing the same old profitable games for them while we are racing down the tubes.