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Questions I Have Asked Before

Questions I have Asked Before – Still Not Answered

Our leaders, past, present, and possibly future, always approach countries with whom we disagree with the interests of the United States as the only existing or acceptable interests to be considered in any rapprochement. The interests and international problems seen by other countries – Iran, North Korea, and Palestine, for example – are never discussed, just our demands that they accept our ultimatums.

This approach seems to be true of Sen. Obama almost to the extent that it is true of Bush and Sen. McCain. There is an arrogance about it that bothers me. And either I am watching the wrong programs or reading the wrong literature, but I have not yet been able to find answers as to why we should be considering only United States interests without also considering the interests and needs of other countries as well. What our “enemies” feel, think, and require do not appear clearly in our media.

Tiny as Isreal seems to be, I can hardly even find Palestine on the map. If that is so, and the Israelis have usurped Palestinian land on the West Bank in order to build Israeli settlements among them, I would be inclined to be disturbed, especially as the Jews from Europe were settled there in the mid-twentieth century after they were rescued from the horrors of Nazi Germany. This does not denigrate the Jews, it only recognizes that the modern Palestinians appear to be the victims of victims in an eternal historical biblical story.

I still have never heard our country mention the nuclear weapons which we and our friends possess, except to acknowledge them, but never to suggest destroying them as a reciprocal gesture toward our enemies. Odd.



an average patriot said...

Be disturbed little Bill! There will be no peace in the middle east. Everyone wants it there way and want to fight for it.
Bush says he wants peace but wanting peace his way means he wants war and he will get his way no matter who is President now!
In order to compete Obama has to say he will defend Israel to a T and have no doubt about it there will be war! The only difference with Obama is he is not the sole decider and he cares about we the people and Our America not Bush's!