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Lou Dobbs and Salmonella

More on the Salmonella Outbreak and Lou Dobbs

It was last week, I believe that Lou Dobbs strongly intimated that Mexican tomatoes were the undoubted cause of the spreading salmonella coutbreak in the United States. That certainly gave a great boost to the impoverished farmers of Mexico who raise tomatoes for a living.

Now, in the past day or so, the American inspectors have taken tomatoes off the list of suspected causes. At the present time, no one knows where the outbreak is coming from.

Once again, Dobbs has managed to destroy the livelihood and reputation of thousands of people on both sides of the border ahead of time in order to show the American people how stupid the people who are trying to solve this serious problem are and that he is courageously riding like Paul Revere over the ether, keeping us well informed on the subject. In the meantime, as usual, he has no information of his own to solve the problem and no platform on which to seek political office.


skip sievert said...

No intention or pretense is made of accurate measurement or control; no physical accounting is involved; no accurate predictions can be made; and no stabilization can be assured. The Price System is simply a method of erratic exchange. In scarcity it sufficed well enough as an exchange method; in abundance it cannot even do that. Price System Politics.

This system dead ends itself because it is based on 18th.cent. economics that stretch back to 22nd cent. BC economics.

It does not end well.
It can not be reformed by Lou Dobbs... or Obama... or McCain... or any of the chisling con artists known as Politicians.

LittleBill said...

Hi, Skip:

I wrote this once, but it didn't come up, so I'll try again.

Thanks very much for your comment and the very interesting reference, which I will read with interest.

skip sievert said...

Sure Bill.

With Peak Oil, and the Global Warming crisis now developing, it can be argued that it is becoming ever more apparent that our present form of economy, a Price system, and our present form of governance, a political system, are structurally incapable of taking effective action. A new administration of science, a ‘Plan B’, is called for. Technocracy technate design, is the possible 'Plan B', for enabling a continuance of the technology, with its operating staff, that will ensure our survival.
Technocracy Incorporated proposes a non political governmental system using Energy Accounting in a Non-market economics method based on science principles.
It is a secular humanitarian system.

an average patriot said...

little Bill
I know of Lou's crusade and I do know he often touts that events are skewed to favor Mexico and Latinos but there is no prejudice involved. Did you know his lovely wife is one and stands behind him 100%?