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Bush pulled the plug

I heard someone on TV just now, say that we couldn’t leave Iraq until they could manage their country and the situation there by themselves, something we have heard many times by many people. This was said just as I walked to the sink to wash my coffee cup and empty the water down the sink. Suddenly, it came to me, the analogy that I have been looking for:

Bush may not have liked the water in Iraq’s sink, but the water was cleaner then than it is now. Unfortunately, Bush pulled the plug on the day he invaded Iraq. Iraq has lost its clean water and there is nothing he or anyone else can do to get it back. Anyone who does wrong, whether by design or through poor judgment, owes the person or people he has harmed a mea culpa and a willingness to accept what loss of reputation he deserves, the size and severity of such punishment in accordance with the harm he has done.

The water is rapidly running farther and farther away.


Beach Bum said...

Bill did you catch the news report tonight that Shrub was meeting with a bunch of high ranking people about changing tactics in the war? This was the news with Brian Williams and he reported that the high command over there had declared the big push to secure Baghdad a failure and even reported that one of the Shiite militias had taken a major town in the supposedly safe southern Iraq from the Iraqi army. It would seem that not only is the water running away but has evaporated leaving Bush as dry as the desert we are stuck in.

LittleBill said...

Thanks for that good comment, BB. Glad to hear from you.

an average patriot said...

Okay, I am now linked to you too so I can access those I am interested in conversing with without leaving my site so this is pretty good.

Vigilante said...

Bush and Blair have ignited their own Darfur in Mesopotania. Why would anyone want their assistance in the Sudan?

This American election on 7 November is a tripartite referendum on Bush's un-provoked, unnecessary, largely unilateral invasion and unplanned occupation of Iraq (UULUIUOI).

Candidates can't be equally as candid as I can when I say if Iraqis want to have their uncivil free-for-all, let's freaking get out of their frigging way!

Badger said...

I am new to this so this is just a short comment to test my blogger skills. My husband said last night that the ONLY way out of our lovely quagmire is for bush to be impeached(and jailed and tried for war crimes) and for this administration to admit they were wrong and apologize to the entire world, then get the hell out. Of course, this will not happen but I do agree that it would be a great start to regaining the respect of the world. But of course it takes great courage to admit you are wrong and courage is a stranger to this present neo-con-controlled Congress. Swiftboating and lying are more to their liking. McCain and a few others pretend to be courageous but then quietly line up behind bush and hope no one notices. Cowards one and all.