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Oh No! No Termination of the Terminator?

We nominated this geek.

We shoulda coulda woulda nominated this guy.

Sooo, we're now stuck with this guy!


LittleBill said...

Wait until you see the letters to the editor of the Chronicle, which I will send!

Vigilante said...

To all my Blogger, blogging friends, I apologize deeply for this SPAMMING message. Those who know me, know I wouldn't do this unless I was desperate.

Here is my new Blog. Please, please, please leave a comment!

I need help. I need an exit plan!

Vigilante said...

I've read some of those letters! People are outraged.

Messenger said...

Was Phil Angelides that hopeless that liberal Democrats had to go and let Kerry off the reservation, away from his handlers, into the high risk zone?

Vigilante said...

It is foolish to spend any campaign resources on this loser. (I'm speaking of Angelides, not Kerry.) Kerry has nothing to apologize for, and I'm relieved he hasn't. (So far, anyway. Keep your fingers crossed.)