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The Mendacious Candidate

Mystery Man runs for President!

Duncan Hunter is the guy of whom no one (almost) knows anything at all.

All I know about him is that he's got a prestigious seat on the House Committee on Armed Services, which he knows he about to lose with the upcoming political tsunami which will sweep him and his kind out of the majority.

I know the rumors: he has taken dirty money from dirty hands from under a dirty table.

But the really big thing I know is that he's had this really silly idea of making beautiful Santa Rosa Island into a private hunting reserve for disabled veterans to hunt elk on. He has persisted in this, even though the vets have turned him down, expressing complete bewilderment and disinterest. "That's not us," they have said. After failing several times, Hunter has managed to get an earmark in pending legislation about his elk on Santa Rosa.

All of which has caused me to ask every one I know, "What can be this man's ulterior plan for Santa Rosa Island?"

Now he wants to run for President? What is his scheme? I challenge readers to do the research because I am truly stumped as to what this guy is up to and what will he do if he ever gets his smarmy hands on our Island?

Personally, I think George Bush is not only the worse president in history, but also the worse president (possible) of all time, ever. So I am not one who believes Congressman Hunter has a snowball's chance in hell to become president. But I think this man is a crooked as California's fabled Highway 1.


LittleBill said...

I didn't think things could get any worse, but Hunter seems to be giving it a go. The one thing to be glad for is that he can never top Bush.

Vigilante said...

What can be in this guy's mind? He even smells devious.