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Wrongwing Religion

Several states will be voting on amendments to the laws of their states denying the right of same-sex partners to marry. These efforts are being led in large part by religious groups who believe strongly that marriage should be solely between one man and one woman, and that God created us to live that way and produce children. If they prefer to live their religious views as they state them (and there are religious people who fail) that is fine. However, this is supposed to be a democracy, where citizens can live in religious freedom, or even without religion. That is a major point of law which religious extremists apparently are not aware of.

But there are some questions which come to mind for me so that, if you are one of the above belief and will or would vote yes on such a proposition, I can understand what exactly motivates you.

If such a law passed, it would undoubtedly be entirely because of yes votes by people who do not approve of the homosexual lifestyle, and it is obvious that there are many more heterosexuals in the world than homosexuals. In other words, homosexuals will never fully benefit from the “freedoms” of this “democracy”.

If such a law passed in your state, how would that benefit YOU? (I assume you would vote yes for your benefit rather than for the people who want to commit to a same-sex marriage.) If you had a same-sex couple living next to you or in your neighborhood, would you expect them to stop living together? Perhaps you could expect them to move away entirely?

In any event, you and the other people who got such a bill passed would be sending a message to homosexuals in general, and possibly to people you know, that they were onto and undesirable. Could that be construed as a kind of punishment?

To show you that I am aware of religion and religious thought, I ask the question so popular with Christians in this day and age, “What would Jesus do?”


an average patriot said...

I am as hetero as they come but that is for me. What someone else does is their business.
I would vote for same sex marriage. To each his or her own. It is dead wrong for these so called christians who are really perverted fundamentalist's to dictate the way everyone else sould live.
They have hijacked Christianity as they have accused the Islamists of doing to Islam.

Vigilante said...

I find it astounding that having already demonstrated their inability to solve the numerous and crushing economic and national defense challenges facing our nation, our representatives and pundits have had free time to debate the banning gay marriage.

That such a ban be based on the theory that such unions are considered out of the realm of decency and morality, and that they represent a threat to our nation’s life and health is bull shit. (there is no better way of saying that).

That said, I am wondering if this is really the best use of our time as Americans when we face so many truly life-and-death issues at home and overseas.

For my part, the issue of gay marriage really belongs in a religious sphere, not in the political. Gay Unions, of course have to enjoy the same medical, legal and financial perks as do heterosexual unions.

pekka said...

The late primeminister of Canada, honorable Pierre Elliot Trudeau said: "Governments should stay out of the bedrooms of the nation".

pekka said...

Or was it?: "There is no place for a government in the bedrooms of the nation". This is why, meatheads should refrain from quotes.