In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Voting for the Future

There are 3 things really eating at me, especially during this election season:

1. Taxes: Who the hell do you think is going to pay for the things which the American people want and need? Do you want clean water, good roads, clean environment, education, etc.? If you do, then don’t you think that you have some responsibilities to achieve them?

I know, a lot of people don’t give a damn about such things, but do you admire them for that? I also know that most Republicans, as well as many Democrats, are for lower taxes, especially the rich. Does that fit into your value system? Do you ever think about the good of the People as a Whole when you vote? The Republicans, in particular, have appealed to your sense of personal greed so that you will think only of yourself and abhor the selfishness of those of little means and no hope when you step into the voting booth.

2. Walls: St. Ronald was also big on using the lower taxes ploy in his agenda. But he said one thing when he was president, “Mr. Gorbachev, take down this wall!”, for which he was applauded by almost all Americans. My, how things have changed!

Now it is ultra-fashionable to hate and fear all illegal immigrants. But can you tell them apart from the legal immigrants? I can’t. Maybe, to be on the safe side, we (in this Nation of Immigrants) should hate all immigrants and wall them all out. That ought to improve international and personal relations!

Also, why do you think they are here? Could it possibly be that they are from countries of even more burgeoning populations than ours, and they are coming with the Statue of Liberty beckoning them? Free trade just ain’t working, except for those on top. And they are coming to hope for work at what amounts to slave wages in this country, where Americans are delighted to welcome them and pay them just that way.

3. Embryo stemcell research, which is really a twofer when you add in overpopulation: What I don’t quite get is why, if you believe using a human embryo for research is murder, throwing them away isn’t also murder. I would think that the Right to Lifers would insist they be brought to life as complete human beings.

But that prospect should be more than a critical thinking mind can absorb. Shouldn’t it be obvious that, if you fill a jar with water, at some point the jar will be unable to hold any more water and will overflow? So, too, if you think of each drop as a human being, there will be no answer to the dilemma already facing the earth except total catastrophe.


Vigilante said...

I know how desperate you are for change, because I have seen your bumper sticker,


which I covet greatly.