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Out of the Ruins of Katrina,

Watching a Bill Moyers program on PBS, the thing that touched me most was the dear man who lives on welfare and who lost everything in Katrina. He has his own radio station, which he built himself, and which he ran 24 hours a day by himself during part of that storm just to keep the local people up on what was happening, where to go for food, water, safety, etc.

Would you have any idea of how we bloggers could get together as a group and make him one of our charities, at least once?

The interviewer asked him what makes you want to give and share, when you've lost everything? The answer was, "That's what you do."

Equal to Shakespeare any day!


an average patriot said...

I have to agree with him. It is too bad more do not think like that.
I'll tell ya, my idea would be to contact Oprah with this story. She has much to give and has done much for Katrina victims and is still looking for ways to help.

LittleBill said...

Good idea,AP. Did you see that program? Very interesting, especially for internetters.

Vigilante said...

Still haven't seen it. Sorry.