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Attorney General Gonzales on Display

Attorney General Gonzales on Display

CNN has interspersed portions of the Senate hearing on the firing of eight U.S. attorneys with further stories and reruns of the Blacksburg Massacre today. Important and tragic as the massacre was and will always be to the people involved, leaving out portions of this extremely important hearing seems to me to be a great disservice to the American public as a whole.

The hearing will undoubtedly be reshown in its entirety on C-Span at least one or more times over the next few days. As for the live screening, that has also been interrupted in order to switch to procedures on the floor of the House and Senate, which are also of great importance, but unfortunately it has been juggling oranges with golden apples. Talk about feet of clay!

For the sake of other neocomputerists, I discovered that by going to http// I could watch and hear the hearing on C-Span 3, which we don’t have in this area.



pekka said...

One shouldn't forget about ratings. Everybody can easily relate to killings, to mayhem, to spilling of blood, to sex and to all that fascinating and exciting stuff that we all have been spoon fed by the networks for ages.

Laws, lawyers, politics...zzzzzz. Those who are there to inform us are not there to inform us. Don't be silly, they are there to make sure that their information package is light enough that it doesn't crush our brittle bones or brains and that the share holders will realize expected return to their hard earned investment dollars. Personally, I find these real life dramas, such as the Gonzo inquiry, more intresting and exiting than any of the so called reality shows which, despite of their name, have nothing to do with the reality.
Long live the infortainment!

Vigilante said...

Go here, and go to RELATED VIDEO for three choices. I recommend the 2nd of the three choices (Afternoon Session).

Vigilante said...

Lil'Bill, did you take my recommendation to tune into Air America? Lots of ads because it's AM radio. (Important to support advertisers, too!)

I especially recommended Randi Rhodes' Show, who's on from 3-6 in the afternoon. She is either "On" or "Off"; but when she's on, she's very, very, very on point. (Don't be behind the wheel driving home if a conservative war monger calls in. It's better to pull off to the curb.)

Healthy truth addicts like ourselves don't need psychotherapy. But this is a very agreeable tonic for the angst that ail us, what?

LittleBill said...

Pekka, I particularly liked your shareholders and their hard-earned investments.

LittleBill said...

Vigilante, thanks much for the two tips. I will work on both in the morning.