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Christianity and Overpopulation

Christianity and Overpopulation

Well, I’m still on one of my favorite jags, but it’s very important and hard to get rid of.

Christians, especially evangelicals, are absolutely obsessed with the subject of producing babies without interruption. And they are determined to get laws which follow their beliefs embedded in the highest laws in what is supposed to be the leading country of free thought, laws which will govern all of us.

People at any age, especially young women, love to oogle at adorable newborn babies, and thus the drive to make sure that all babies make it from the womb to the world.
This includes all babies, no matter how deformed or unwanted, whether they have any connection to the family involved. This period of oogling does not last long, a few minutes if they are strangers, a few days if they are casual friends, and several months if they are close friends or family.

This newborn baby stage, sweet as it might be (and all newborns the world over are adorable), ends in early childhood, to be followed by years of anguish, deprivation, and hopelessness for by far the greatest number of those babies in the world as we know it,
but by that time, most people, including many Christians, don’t care anymore for the babies they didn’t really know.

Even newborn animal babies are considered adorable when they are born. Unfortunately, human beings like to eat them before they have reached their prime, while they are still babies. And they are such fun to hunt to prove by a man (and some women) that they really have balls.

Heck, we even send men who were once babies out to kill other men they don’t even know who were once babies!

And the main reason that so much of all this killing is going on is that there are way too many people babies being born. We’re helping the animals keep their numbers down, some to zero, unfortunately. And we’re taking most of their habitat and food, and undoubtedly causing most of the over-heating of the earth, which will eventually eliminate all of us. But the Christians believe they are pleasing God by making sure so many human babies are born. And, undoubtedly, ranking high in the hearts and minds of many of those who hold such beliefs, is the hope that that will please God greatly and get them into Heaven.

The Socialist Atheist