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Socialism Two

Socialism Two: Release by Robbery

Having been born into an upper class family, the first part of my life was lived fairly accordingly, though I was not one for much socializing. Then, after a most unfortunate marriage and divorce, life’s circumstances for me and my children were reduced to the station of upper middle class. But, through the revelation of my half-awake-half-dreaming night last night, it came over me that my life is exactly what I want it to be.

I went to a play with a friend one night many years ago, having decided because we were late that I wouldn’t need any jewelry ( most inherited and very expensive) because we would be sitting in the dark. When I got home, I found the ktichen window broken, my pets terrorized, and all of my jewelry gone.

Gradually I realized that you don’t wear good clothes for a social occasion without wearing good jewelry to match. And, by the same token, you don’t wear good jewelry with informal everyday clothes. And so, over time, my lifestyle changed from one of a social life to one of casual clothes and no jewelry, and a full-time interest in rescuing and giving love to my many cats and dogs. By the same token, I am driven to contribute to charities for the earth as a whole and the creatures that live upon it, both human and animal. I am totally content.

What I am trying to say is that you don’t have to own or yearn to live a life concentrated on amassing great wealth for show. It is very sad that that has become the most important value in American life. It won’t necessarily make you happy, and there are millions of people who lead terrible lives of poverty, so spread it around.



an average patriot said...

Little Bill
I love your life! You are a gift and like most are shaped by you experiences! That Robbery makes me sick and I am sorry but it is not always your experiences but what they do to you. You have used yours, all of them to be a better person and I love it! Keep smiling you are a good one!