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Quick Substitute for a Lost Poem

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, A True Story

As I lay sleeping upon my bed,
From the bathroom came a noise
That filled me with dread.

I sprang from my couch,
Stubbed my toe on the door.
Sustaining myself with a painful “ouch”
I peered fearfully in at the bathroom floor.

But it was not hence came
The source of the sound.
T’was my two black cats
In the tub that I found.

And running from end to end
Of the tub in my house
Between the two cats
Was a terrified mouse!

First I caught the cats, one by one,
And rushed them both to another room.
Then off for the have-a-heart trap
Stored for when such emergencies loom.

I placed it gently in the tub,
And the dear little mouse
Ran right in, after which I carried it
Out of the house.

It’s safe as a wild animal can be outside.
My cats can only look from the porch.
Tonight I’ll sleep when I lay down my head.
Another dear animal is still alive and not dead.


Note: I can’t find the original of this poem which I wrote, but this one will do for the time being, I hope.

Also, I am not a poet, so I decided to try all the meters I could think of.


an average patriot said...

Bless your little heart little Bill. Always the sweetheart! I bet the cats already had their fun. Pretty good!

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill just checking for content and want to say Hi hope you are well!

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill
Just looking in on you, hope you are well!