In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
The Earth As It Used to Be

The Earth As It Used to Be and May Not Be Again

Once Upon a time, ? created the Earth, and it was lovely. Of course geology changed it over time, as did life forms. Many of those life forms killed and/or ate each other, but killing and eating did not appear with malice until Man appeared.

There are currently at least four main types of Man. Those who believe in God and are Christians, those who believe in other gods, the ?’s, of which I am one, and the those who have never thought about it, or don’t care.

Desmond Morris, in his book On Aggression, wrote about the effect of crowding on rats. When they are put into a cage in unsupportable numbers, they go insane after a fashion and begin killing each other for survival. This, I am sure, happens to other animals as well, but only Man kills for fun. Sometimes he stuffs what he kills, or hangs it on his wall, or puts it on his floor as a rug. And Men have undoubtedly killed each other from the beginning.

Now, however, Man has begun to feel the effects of being crowded in a cage. He has destroyed many other species on the Earth, he has also decimated much of the sustaining vegetation of the Earth, as well as many of the minerals beneath its surface.

So now Religion is beginning to take hold as our last means of survival. The Christians, full of righteousness, are trying to convert the people who believe in other gods, as well as the ?’s (whom they despise in a very condescending way). This is not working out too well. The ?’s appear to be increasing—or at least appearing. And those who believe in other gods can give back as good as they got.

So all Hell is breaking out, which, unfortunately, is heartbreaking to the ?’s, because, to them, ? created the Earth, and they can’t believe whatever created the Earth can end up this way, because they have worshipped whatever it was and have done their very best to preserve it. The Christians and those who believe in other gods evidently believe that their gods believe in Hell, because they are killing everybody who does not believe as they do in the name of Jesus (God’s son). And those who believe in other gods are also probably doing the same in the name of those gods.

The final outcome evidently will undoubtedly bring the most real grief to the ?’s for the end of the Earth as we know it, for they have worshipped it more than the others, and for ?, who/which created it.


(Created in my mind as I slept last night, where I worship and grieve for ? in peace.)


an average patriot said...

Hi little bill
The more tenuous our situation on earth becomes the more people around the world as Obama correctly pointed out "cling to their Religion"

To me Atheists, Christians of one denomination or the other, whoever, we are all the same. No one is better than the other.
The Religion you chose depends on the level of teaching you receive from that Religion to justify your life.

Some are comfortable in their own skin and need no justification that is you but any way we try to be different but we are all the same and would do well to remember that. Hope you are well!

You know little bill that was a good post. I wish the world would remember someone has to be able too live her. I came to the conclusion that mutual destruction seems to be the goal today and our role on this earth might be to bring the planet full circle.

If it is not and there is a God whatever or whoever that is then God is going to strike down whoever is responsible for destroying his world and doing what is his to do!