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The Stimulus Package

Further Thinking About the Stimulus

There’s one further thing that makes the good old days of Bush so missed by the Republicans, especially the rich CEO’s. Many of them saved money by paying their employees less than they deserved or needed.

Then, when things really started going downhill, the wisest thing to do was to unload the people at the bottom, those who really could not afford to lose their jobs. This, at least for a while, has kept the Uppers still up.

That’s good ol’ American nohow, you know, the America we all boast about having so much generosity and brotherly love for mankind. We’re the ones who have sent mostly poverty-stricken citizens to fight our wars because they could not find other work otherwise. (This is beginning to come back to haunt us. Just wait until they come home, with only one skill—killing, and no place else to look. And increased access to education is a major cornerstone to their recovery.)

It may turn out that the Very Rich, and even the Rich will lose a lot if we don’t give Pres. Obama a chance. But not percentage-wise as those lower down. Not to worry. Those at or near the top have nesteggs, and really big nesteggs are really tough to crack.

So let’s all give a cheer for good ol’ unfettered free enterprise!

The Socialist Atheist


an average patriot said...

Hi little bill
I am afraid he is not going to get his chance. In the middle east policy will not change they just wrongly think they can get their way talking. Forget it!
Here the right is going to ensure failure so they can get back in and finish us and their agenda. I'll shut up! I hope you are well!