In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
The Economic Summit

Listening to the President and the assembled dignitaries today, took me back to our greatest problem—overpopulation—and the only solution I can see to it. There is no other answer than to reduce our numbers, whether by will or by force. President Obama started things off today by talking about health care, which took me off, unexpectedly, to another direction.

We, like all creatures on this earth, past, present, or future, arrived here through the forces of Nature, and we will leave by the same means at a time unknown. What all creatures have in common is that the life spans differ according to what kind of creatures they are, and each creature has a particular life span on earth. Within that span, some of the young die early as a result of vulnerability to other creatures and forces. The middle group is fairly stable with its regard to its relationship to the forces of nature and the span of its existence. And the old, once again, become vulnerable to the forces of nature and their ability to outlive their time here.

Man, through his wonderful ability to invent new ways to keep the halt and the lame of each group alive, is now able to keep humans who would otherwise have perished still alive and breathing. In some cases, people who were badly wounded by injury or disease have recovered to a level where they have continued to contribute to mankind. But they are outumbered by those who exist only with continued care and fading contribution as normal human beings.

And the old, with relatively few exceptions, begin to sink into the ravages of old age, particularly with regard to mental capacity for everyday thinking. I have been very fortunate to have been nurtured by the computer to be able to write articles which I hope contribute to and share with the thinking of others of normal intellectual capacity. Next week, however, I will be 86 years old, and I can feel my everyday mind slipping away. I tend to sit for long periods of time thinking of nothing, I have a hard time thinking of ordinary words when I am writing, and I have recently started saying words inside out, to name a few of the problems currently bothering me.

The old used to die of old-age diseases, poverty, and neglect. Those of us who can afford excellent health-care can live on into the future without continuing to contribute to mankind as a whole, our only contribution being to ourselves, at great cost to the rest of mankind. We simply cannot continue to encourage more population at the beginning of life and then continue to support it at the useless end of life. Many of us who have reached this stage of life deserve to choose when and how they wish to end it.



an average patriot said...

Little Bill
Once again you nailed it! It is all about population reduction. The worlds population got prohibitively unsustainably large based on our being the engine of ther world.

This population can not be sustained on a good day now. We have 6 Billion starving now! That number will quadruple as this is just begining.

Enough of that though! I am glad to see some input from you. Good to hear from you keep it up!

an average patriot said...

Hi Little Bill
You know, I was just reading this again and I always believed in what you said about being able to check out when you want but i still feel that way but about me not others I love. I think selfishness has kicked in on my part. I now believe they should take me in to account and abstain!

LittleBill said...

Hi, AvPat:

I agree with you about it being your choice. That is why it is important for each of us to sign a Power of Attorney for Health Care, giving the decision to someone in your family or a family doctor in case you are not in condition to make the decision yourself when the time comes.

an average patriot said...

I agree but have not done that myself as those that would decide know not to prolong my suffering if that is what you want to call it.
You know, It is no different than putting one of your cats down. Only as a last resort and you always doubt yourself!