In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Life and Death

If I Believed in God . . .

He would be saying, WHAT is going on down there?! I created Heaven on Earth for those people. But they think they know better what to do with it, so they have made it into Hell on Earth!

If they had done what they were supposed to do with Earth, all they had to do was learn to cope with the intermediate step, Purgatory, which was the first step to graduation. Instead, they had such fun taking things into their own hands that they decided they didn’t need Me anymore. So here we are!

I had a perfectly good system for taking souls up into Heaven, choosing from both ends of the spectrum, some that were so perfect or so imperfect at the very beginning of life that I had need for them then and/or felt that they had already suffered enough. And, as for the other end of life, when the old people had nothing left to do and felt that life had become a burden to them, I gratefully called them back to Me.

But the people on Earth, carried away by hubris, decided to end the flow from birth to death as I had created it. All babies look so cute to them that they decided to upgrade the flow of new ones, no matter that I occasionally make mistakes in creating them, (no one’s perfect) and no matter whose babies they are—the people who believe that way feel that they know everything about everything and therefore have the right to make the decisions for those people whose babies they are regardless of their views. Ah, but there’s the rub! For once the babies are born, the people who think they know better lose any interest in them, letting them get through life as best they can, resenting the fact that they might be asked to contribute in any way to the expenses to those ex-babies who may suffer their whole way through life.

As for the old people, many of whom are suffering either mentally or physically, the do-gooders like to keep them breathing just as long as possible, no matter the cost (so long as the do-gooders don’t have to contribute) and any misery that might be inflicted on their families. Of course, there are some families who are also do-gooders and would keep their own family members going on and on—and some old people themselves going on and on. This was not My original intention. People were intended to live and die at different times so that there would not be a huge back-up. But here they are, and I am left with no choice but to make them die from war, starvation, terrible injuries, and saddest of all, suicide. (And, with regard to suicide, how sad it is that so many of the men and women who went to war to protect their families and countries from evil-doers are now committing suicide at an alarming rate—unable to cope with what they have seen and done! They are the ones for whom I have reserved a special place of peace and rest, and where they have earned the right to forget.)As I have said, anyone can make a mistake. Please forgive Me, Earth, for what I did wrong. I’ll try to do better next time.



an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill
If there is a next time! Funny but One of my sons was just here talking and he is so down to earth and knows that is where life is. I guess I raised 4 clones. They want to be close to the earth not live the way people do today. Humanity is so inhumane!

Emily said...

Too many of our citizens and politicians, are like the people you describe Little Bill. They believe that only they and their fellow "True Believers" are virtuously doing "God's Will". They are blind to the arrogance of their assumption that only they speak with, and are led by, God. With their narcissistic, self-absorbed, greedy impulses running rampant, these people are wreaking havoc on our national political life and causing extraordinary and unnecessary pain to our fellow citizens.

In their zealotry, they devise rules by which to live their lives and then demand that those rules be universally enacted into law. They absolutely refuse to see the damage they cause by insisting that their rabid ideology be codified and inflicted upon the rest of us. Like Typhoid Mary, they heedlessly spread their mean-spirited, discredited and diseased ideology throughout our country in an attempt to infect their fellow citizens with their venal and venomous belief system.

The worst of it is that these "True Believers" who value profit, property, and conformity ubber alles proclaim that their values are America's values. They pontificate and lecture with such conviction, all the while utterly failing to acknowledge the hypocrisy that is so evident in the disparity between their actions and their words.

God truly must be weeping.

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill
You know, yesterday after I commented I was remembering how I feel as they seem to take a little piece of you at a time until you die anyway/ It seems you are kept alive to feed the medical industry. God certainly must be disappointed in us!

an average patriot said...

Hi My little Bill
Just checking for content so I will say Hi and I hope you are well!