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Stimulus Package

Taxes and Stimulus Spending

The really big jobs, like education, health, and infrastructure, make this country work, and the Republican favorite mantra is that the American family knows how to spend its own money and doesn’t need to have the government take their money and decide for them what they will do with it.

How selfish! This was originally supposed to be a Democracy, in which we all contributed, through taxes, for the greater good. We cannot, individually, pay for the three main needs above. I’m now 86, but I still should and do pay taxes. When I was a child, people other than my family helped pay for my education. When I had breast cancer, people I didn’t know helped pay for my operation and treatment. I can no longer drive, but people I don’t know paid for my streets, roads, and highways, along which my family and my helpers drive me to appointments.

That’s what taxes are for—for all of us to help all of us. And, right now, many of us are heading for the bottom of the heap. I’m lucky enough not to be among them. Increased taxes would help save most of those people, people you don’t even know, as well as improving all of the above for each of us. I am sick to death of hearing the news media direct their remarks to what the stimulus package would do for ME!

Don’t they teach you any of this stuff in church?

The Socialist Atheist


an average patriot said...

Good one little Bill!
This is no Democracy just a facade of one! Yeah we should have more of our taxes so the Government can take it and bail their friends out. This is sick!

Taxes do not help us anymore people do. If it was not for citizens coming to the rescue of those in need there would be no help.

The government has proven unwilling or unable to help. We are ever increasingly on our own! I do not have to tell you the stimulus package is going to help nothing and this is just starting!